Welcome to the Lifelong Leading website!

In 2015 my wife Rebecca and I began serving as leaders of CLIMB Intercultural Society. The name CLIMB is an acronym that stands for Christian Leaders In Mission Building. One of our goals in ministry is to help Christian leaders serve and finish well in whatever God has called them to do. Leaders emerge from every walk of life and often from unexpected circumstances. We have spent much time considering topics such as what qualifies someone to lead, how are leaders developed, what is successful leadership and how can leaders finish well.

CLIMB Intercultural Society is also a partner in an international Ministry Coaching Network (MCNet). MCNet is a ministry network started by International Christian Ministries Canada (ICM Canada) and has partners in various locations in Europe, Africa and Latin America. Using the materials produced for coaching and training leaders, MCNet provides a comprehensive training model for leaders and those they serve for the purpose of producing healthy leaders and ministries as well as initiating a new generation of Christian ministries.

Lifelongleading.ca is the home of MCNet in Canada linking Christian leaders with resources, tools and ideas that will assist them in their leadership life and task for the long haul!