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In 2015 my wife Rebecca and I began serving as leaders of CLIMB Intercultural Society. The name CLIMB is an acronym that stands for Christian Leaders In Mission Building. One of our goals in ministry is to help Christian leaders serve and finish well in whatever God has called them to do. Leaders emerge from every walk of life and often from unexpected circumstances. We have spent much time considering topics such as what qualifies someone to lead, how are leaders developed, what is successful leadership and how can leaders finish well. One of the discouraging realities, researched and quantified by Dr. J. Robert Clinton (bobbyclinton.com), is that about seventy percent of Christian leaders do not finish well. There are various degrees of not finishing well. Some leaders fall because of sins that disqualify them from the place of ministry in which they were serving, others are sidelined for other personal reasons or circumstances that arise in their relationship with the organization. Is it possible for leaders who have failed or have been injured somehow get back on track and still have a chance at finishing well?

In response to several high profile leaders who have fallen because of immorality in recent times there exists a body of material discussing whether or not Christian leaders, particularly pastors, can or can’t be restored and if restoration is possible what is the process.

Based on the fact that the Bible presents significant examples of leaders who have failed and then been restored (Moses, David, Peter), we have taken the position that leaders can be restored. However, it should be noted that we take sin seriously and that leaders are to be “above reproach” and serve as an example of holiness to those they lead. 

Lifelong Leading is a ministry of CLIMB Intercultural Society that focusses on restoring church leaders who have been sidelined from ministry as a result of painful circumstances.